Fearless: Give GATHER Go Part 2 - The Secret to Small Groups

July 26, 2015

There is one behavior that can change anyone's Small Group experience from a burden to a blessing, from powerless to life-changing. Through storytelling, in this message we learn the secret that unlocks the power of a Small Group or Redemptive Community.

Tag: Small Groups, Suffering, Difficult Times

Fearless: Give GATHER GO part 1 - Making Small Groups LIFE CHANGING

July 19, 2015

After briefly explaining what Small Groups ministry is, this message gives four suggestions longtime small groups can use to ensure the freshness, longevity, and Holy Spirit Power of their small group.

Tags: Small Groups

Paul’s Last Words 6: Invincible

July 12, 2015

How do Paul and Jesus wind up sentenced to death? Why are Christians shunned? Why are charities blocked when they try to help? Surely there must be a misunderstanding! OR-perhaps all of this is the result of INTENTIONAL evil designed by powerful political and social forces to stop the work of God in the world. In this message we explore this difficult question: What are we supposed to do when the WORLD tries intentionally to keep us from doing good and living moral lives?

John 9: A Study in Consciousness

July 5, 2015

In the midst of current events such as church burnings, Confederate flags, Supreme Court rulings regarding gay rights and so forth, the story of Jesus healing the blind man speaks clearing of a different question: "What is God up to, and how can we get on board with it?" Consciousness is about discerning the voice of the Holy Spirit and rightly discerning the times.