Making Church Clear: Authentic Ancient/Future Worship

August 30, 2015
This honest look at the Lakeland will explain the heartfelt motivation behind many of the changes you have seen in worship during the last year and the last ten years!
Tags:  Lakeland Specific/Vision, Worship

The Hero’s Journey: Everyone is a Luke or Leia

August 23, 2015

This was Lakeland's family camp week so no podcast is available.

Making Church Clear: Lakeland’s Story

August 16, 2015
This look at the history and values of Lakeland Community Church reminds us of our calling from God and our mission in the world. These power ideas are made practical in this down-to-earth explanation of Lakeland's vision.
Tag Lakeland Specific/Vision, Tell Your Story/Evangelsim

Fearless: Give GATHER Go Part 4 - Serving Isn’t THAT Easy

August 9, 2015
Here we discuss reasons why you may not be serving followed by reasons to serve which might actually be dangerous to your soul. We close with a message of hope--the good that God can do in the life of a person serving for the right reason.
Tag: Serving

Fearless: Give GATHER Go Part 3 - Serving Isn’t THAT Hard

August 2, 2015

In this Mythbuster's Message we try to dispel some of the common barriers that keep people from becoming a part of ministry, and thus, missing the power of what God has for them.