February 28, 2016

Marta Gillilan talks about the Lakeland belief in reaching across cultures.  Heather Hertzler talks about her experience traveling to Haiti with her son Carson and how instead of helping out the people in Haiti, they helped her.

Pastors Dan Wilburn and Garrett Lahey along with Worship Director Chris Lea layout the entire Bible - from Genesis to Revelation - in 30 minutes. If you have ever wondered what the entire Bible looks like on a single timeline then this is your teaching.


Tags: Lent, Haiti, Bible Timeline

Lent: The HEALTHY Mistrust of Self

February 21, 2016

Here is a spiritual journey gone wrong: STEP ONE--Tell Ourselves "We aren't the type of person who could sin like that"; STEP TWO--Even after we sin LIKE THAT, continue telling ourselves "we aren't that kind of person"; FINAL STEP--Create a false image to hide our sinful selves from others. Jesus called that a hypocrite. This message is about a DIFFERENT, HEALTHIER spiritual journey. Let the truth set you free.

Lent: The Tradition and Benefit of Fasting

February 14, 2016

This week, youth leader Jason Lahey talks about the importance of rituals and traditions, and the ritual/tradition of fasting during Lent, not for the purpose of God keeping pleasure from us but for the purpose of enhancing God's pleasurable gifts to us.  Jodi Turnbough also shared a "My Story" experience as it related to leaving a comfortable situation for the unknown but trusting in God to enhance her life beyond her own plans.

Since the video was based on the indigenous (native) New Zealand Maori tribal traditional dance, it is more effective visually than orally.  You can see it on YouTube if you look up "Haka wedding."


Tags: Lent, Tradition, Ritual, Fasting

LENT: Stop Start Give Receive: “Go to the Desert: The Furnace of Transformation”

February 7, 2016

Throughout scripture key figures are transformed by an experience in the desert wilderness. Moses, Elijah, and Jesus each experience a radical change in the desert. Today we need a regular routine of small desert experiences so we may be transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ. This message lays the biblical foundation for the transforming desert experience. The practical expression of the desert for our own lives is a quiet time, surrender time, and retreat.