Lakeland Community Church

What Makes Lakeland “Lakeland?”

January 24, 2021

Short answer: “baggage.” 

“They’ll let anyone go to that church!” it’s been said (pejoratively) of Lakeland. Lakeland is full of people with problems and hang ups. Of course, the danger is that we fall into the trap of “therapy church.” But that is a better alternative than fundamentalism/moralism (rigid toxic conservative) or materialist/liberalism (nothing, no difference than the world, syncretism). Lakeland has always been a collection of ragamuffins, people who didn’t fit in well at cleaned up performance cultures. But rather Lakeland is a group of beggars just telling other beggars where the bread is. Jesus surrounded himself with fishermen, prostitutes, and tax collectors. None of them were chosen by a rabbi as worthy followers (K. Bailey…) The positive outcomes are honest fellowship, celebrating each Lakelander’s everyday life and simple accomplishments; leitourgia (liturgy – the work of the people); and contemplative spirituality within a “stages of faith” discipleship model (Milestones).

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